Friday, August 08, 2008

This is test I did in school when I was 10 years old (3d grade). See if your 10-11 old child will be able to make it. (Test for 7 year olds below this post)
Test 1.
Airplane needs to fly between 2 cities, distance between cities is 4150 km. First 2 hours airplane was flying 676 kmh, then 3 hours was flying with speed 760 kmh.
Question: How many km is left to fly?
Test 2.
Swimmer had swam 448 laps in first day. On second day he was swimming 2 hours less then first day and swam total of 336 laps.
Question: How many total hours swimmer was swimming on first day and on second day?
Test 3.
Your yard is 45 m in length and 24 m in width. What is perimeter of your yard?
Below answers from original paperwork filed in 1981
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